Rhovyl® fibres are naturally, inherently and intrinsically non-flammable. With the highest LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) for textile fibres, they do not produce incandescent droplets when burning and contribute to the fight against the dangers of fire spreading by limiting the heat source.

® fibres are also suitable for welding and heat cutting in garment making, quilting or the assembly of complex plastics and textiles.
Moreover, whatever their pH, they are unaffected by almost the whole of the range of chemical compounds, acids, or concentrated bases, reducing and oxidising agents. Nonwovens in Rhovyl
® fibres are also used in thermoforming and point bonding.

In the range of Rhovyl
® fibres there are also specific fibres: with a low melting point, for thermobonding, antibacterial, or anti dust-mite following demands for means to fight against micro-organisms.

The versatility of Rhovyl
® fibres makes them the natural choice for the various methods of bonding nonwovens in manufacture: wet laid, dry laid, mechanical, chemical or knitted and sewn.

Because their properties are so varied, Rhovyl
® fibres have many applications in nonwovens:
FILTRATION: chemical, air, food…
MOTOR INDUSTRY: padding for door panels…
CLOTHING: padding for blousons…
FURNISHING: linings for wall coverings, mattress or bedcover fillings…
PACKAGING: tea bags…