Polar knits offer high performance protection against cold and flames.
Advantages :
• Thermal insulation and moisture evacuation for comfort.
• Non-flammability for protection garments.

The Rhovyl'Laine® antibacterial polar knit provides an exceptional thermal insulation. This knit is ideal for making garments that conform to the EN 533 standard for clothing with limited flame spread (class 3). In fact, the Rhovyl'Laine® antibacterial blend stops flame spreading and holes forming as flame nears.
The Rhovyl'Up
® antibacterial polar knit provides good thermal comfort and optimum moisture evacuation to keep clothing dry and protected from bacteria. Moreover, it conforms to the EN 533 standard (class 1) in stopping the spread of flame.

The antibacterial agent introduced into the core of the Rhovyl® fibre limits the development of bacteria that cause bad smells and skin irritations. This antibacterial property is permanent and stands up to repeated washing.
Sweaters, blousons and parka linings can be made from these two products for the use of the police services and the armed forces.
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