Comfort and performance are among the qualities that make Rhovyl® fibres so essential to the sports world. Rhovyl offer a range of products that meet the requirements of sportsmen for technical clothes that are comfortable, warm and breathable.

• Thanks to Rhovyl'Up®, "The breathable fibre", everyone practising sports can forget about cold, wet and sweat. For clothing, underwear and socks, Rhovyl'Up® is a synonym for maximum dry warmth and comfort whatever the atmospheric conditions and the intensity of effort.

• Rhovyl’Laine
®, socks for skiing and trekking keep sportsmen comfortably warm and dry in all circumstances.

• Rhovyl'As
® antibacterial fibre is particularly well adapted for socks, for it gives effective protection against the development of bacteria. Moreover, it is possible to combine the antibacterial fibre Rhovyl'As® antibacterial with Rhovyl'Laine® or Rhovyl'Up® to enjoy the benefits of both fibres. This helps sportsmen to enjoy their favourite activities in a cool world with long lasting comfort.