Rhovyl'VP® Thermostable garments are made from an intimate blend of naturally non-flammable Rhovyl® fibres and aramid which protects its user from heat and flames, while remaining comfortable, supple and economical.

Thanks to the considerable chemical inertia of Rhovyl
® fibres, Individual Protective Equipement (IPE) in Rhovyl'VP® Securacid provide effective protection against the risk of spattering of liquid or solid chemical products.

Given the hydrophobic nature of Rhovyl
® fibres, IPE in Rhovyl'VP® Antistatic are perfectly suited to the need for protection in controlled irradiation zones even after several wash cycles. Moreover, they are easily decontaminated by washing in industrial machines.

The incorporation of a metal fibre or a carbon loaded thread endows Rhovyl'VP
® Antistatic and Rhovyl'VP® Securacid garments with permanent anti-static properties. They protect the user from the risk of ignition from sparks and offer enormous security in zones at risk from explosion.

With Rhovyl'VP
® Confort, workers are protected from the risk of inflammation and splashes from chemicals with increased wearability owing to the high thermal insulation of the Rhovyl® fibre and outward evacuation of moisture.

® garments may be dry cleaned, washed in standard industrial washing machines. They dry rapidly, do not need ironing and are fully bleach-resistant. However, dyes or combined fibres may be sensitive.

Individual protective equipment in Rhovyl® fibres satisfies the most demanding users: nuclear power stations, the fire brigade, chemical industries, the Italian Red Cross, the Forces (Army and Airforce, the Police Force, etc.).