Until now, the war against the onslaught from dust-mites was waged mainly by resorting to the massive use of acaricide sprays or moist powders, treated bed covers and draconian health measures. Now, Rhovyl is proposing a whole new solution which will allow allergy sufferers to limit the use of acaricides, reduce the frequency of changing bed linen and vacuuming floors, mattresses and bed frames: the introduction of a mite repellent agent within the fibre.

The acaricide agent well known to allergy specialists is added while the fibre is produced prior to its extrusion. It thus destroys mites and also prevents further infestation. Rhovyl has applied for a patent on this innovative process.
® fibre also contains the antibacterial agent already used in Rhovyl'As® antibacterial fibre. The combination of these two substances provides consumers with a sense of well-being and lasting comfort.
Products made with Rhovyl'A.S.+
® retain their properties throughout their life and offer permanent effectiveness as proven by the Techniques Environnement Consultants (TEC) laboratory in Anglet (France).

Specially designed to meet health requirements and wage an effective war against the development of the mites responsible for allergies, Rhovyl'A.S.+® is particularly suitable for articles of bedding (blankets, covers and padding for mattresses, pillows and duvets), child care articles, furniture, air filtration items

By developing this new fibre Rhovyl confirms its commitment to current trends in bio-active fibres which help to improve health, comfort and hygiene.